Chinese Shar-pei Breeding Program in Alabama

Good AKC Sharpei Breeding Programs Require Planning

We are not a puppy mill.  We do not sell our puppies to pet stores.IMG 4128 Mom 800

Our goal is to raise happy, healthy, well socialized dogs that add value to the life of your family.

We do not breed females before they are ready.  Prior to breeding, we ensure that both males and females receive supplemental nutrients to help ensure a good, strong healthy litter.


We ask for pictures of our puppies and get reports back from our owners on how their puppies are settling into their new families.

We pay attention to details.  Not every puppy qualifies as a show-quality dog. Some do.  Our prices reflect both. 

No one can guarantee you a show quality dog.  However, we can spot those that may initially appear to lack features that would be important in the show ring.

Ultimately, we hope to provide a quality of life for both our dogs and their owners that makes owning one of our Shar-Peis something that you would recommend to your family and friends.

We are happy to discuss details on lineage and compatibility.

Call us at 256-541-4688.

We have our pedigrees available so that you can be confident of the quality you are getting. 


Female Sharpeis

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